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Reach The Goal Impossible

Tired of the daily treadmill or spinning session? Alternate it with water rowing workout and burn up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes. Yeah! We know that always come like a shock to everyone but it’s totally true, exercising on the water rowing machine is more effective than any other exercise even from the treadmill. In this short time period, rowing machines have made die heart cardio devotees’ ditch their daily cardio class for rowing machines and the motivation is the results itself. Call it a trend or what, no one can deny the fact that it has contributed greatly to achieving a fitness goal. You can even burn a total of fifteen hundred calories in just an hour at full resistance of the machine and that is literally too much. Turn on your favorite playlist and get ready for an intense workout session.

Lose Fat, Get In Shape, Start Rowing

Considering rowing as one of the most effective exercises, it is kind of fun also. Adding twenty or thirty minutes rowing to your daily workout plan will not only make you burn stored fat but will also target almost every major muscle group in your body. Moreover, it can be done as an alternative to abs targeting exercises and will give you the same effects as them. Get started with Water Rowing Training now under the guidance of Best Rowing Trainers available in Dilshad garden.

Rowing tightens your core with each stroke, so you won’t have to worry about those boring crunches anymore. Where cycling targets a large part of legs and a little part of the upper body, rowing uses sixty percent of legs and forty percent of upper body strength, burning almost three times the amount of calories. Thus water rowing machine is a great choice for whole body workout. The best part of the water rowing machine is that it gives you a realistic feel of rowing and even the sound of rowing in water gives a soothing experience.

How Water Rowing Workout Benefits Your Body?

Do you have horrible posture because of sitting on office desk all day? Well, then rowing can be great for you too. Apart from intense calorie burn, it also improves body posture and relieves lower back pain and muscle stiffness.

It’s likely that you would feel muscle soreness in abs and legs after exercising on the water rowing machine for a quiet time which is actually a good sign that you are doing it right. For better results, we recommend you to keep your core tightened while rowing and try to complete the whole workout in interval training manner.

Exercising on the rowing machine with interval training will boost your metabolism and also kick start fat burning in your body. To get the best out of your rowing workout, exercise at your full pace for three minutes and then row slowly for another one minute and keep on doing it for half an hour. Reach Xercise Planet and Join the Best Rowing Class In Delhi.


  • BCA facility- body composition analyses
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  • Complementary refreshment – Green tea, Lemon tea, Black Coffee
  • Cardio vascular section – tread mill, recumbent bike, spin bike, cross trainer, power mill
  • Purified air- We have Honey well Air purifiers in gym to give you additional fresh air that your lungs need during a workout.

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