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HTRX Suspension Training: Aiming Above Fitness

Looking for a workout which not only makes you fit but also boosts your strength? Well, then you can’t find anything better than this. TRX Training comprises the use of various types of hanging bands engaging your muscles to work against your own weight. By pushing and pulling the rope against your own burden it leads you to lose calories i.e. weight loss, improves your muscle tone and whole body fitness. The best part of such exercises is that you can perform it anywhere to everywhere just with the help of hanging bands and straps.

How TRX Works and Its Benefits?

Total Body Resistance workout (TRX) was initially invented by Navy Seal for working out anywhere despite the atmosphere. Lately, many gyms started using this technique as a means for increasing muscle growth, strength, and overall bodily fitness and found it a lot helpful as well as enjoying too.

  • Incorporate it into your daily cardio and weight training and observe 30 to 40% more weight loss within just a few months. Yes, it is now proved by researchers that adding resistance training into your daily workout boosts your metabolism and makes you lose plenty of stored fat on your body.
  • Craving to get six packs abs, well, that isn’t enough. What matters the most is to have a rock-solid core which will make you look better and stronger. The exercises performed in TRX include the moves which ultimately stabilize your abs and strengthen your back.
  • It is beneficial for everyone including beginners to experts. As the equipment used in TRX are simple and can be adjusted according to your need, you have the availability to increase or decrease resistance as per your fitness. Moreover, because of its suspended nature, TRX is comfortable and possess less risk of agitation and injuries.

Get Your Body Trained For Unlimited Endurance

Basically, Total Body Resistance workout is up to 45 minutes but can be adjusted according to one's fitness. It includes a minimum of 3 rounds of the same exercise one after other with about 30 seconds of rest in between each and is followed by the same pattern for such bunch of exercises. Get the Best TRX Training Classes In Delhi, and see the difference within a month. Some common TRX exercises are TRX Plank, TRX side Plank, TRX Overhead Squat, TRX Low Row, TRX Chest Press, TRX Hamstring Curl and many more. All these exercises combine in a way to give you a Full Body TRX Workout, every exercise focusing individually on various parts.

TRX Workout
TRX Hamstring Curl:

It is a substitute and aerobics exercise which mainly targets the hamstrings as can be understood by its name as well. Moreover, it also intends to benefit abs, calves, glutes, and hip flexors and lower back.

The movement helps build balance in the lower body or especially known to be helpful for building single leg strength too. Besides, it amplifies your core stability eventually giving you hopes for abs growth.

Mainly targeting quads and to a lesser degree also benefits the abs, glutes, calves, groin, hamstrings, hip flexors, outer thighs, and even lower back, it is an alternative, calisthenics, and cardiovascular exercise.

You must be aware of crunches which is the best way to strengthen core muscles and build abs. TRX Oblique Crunch is one level above, just like normal crunches it works on your abs but in a more intense way to trigger further development. Not on that it also works and benefits your shoulders and engages all your core muscles giving you the body shape you’ve wished for years.

These are not certainly all exercises included in TRX workouts if you wish to take TRX Suspension Training, reach Planet Xercise now and get your body composition analysis done totally free.


  • BCA facility- body composition analyses
  • Personal progress cards
  • Fast dry t-shirts (Planet x branded)
  • Personal diet plans
  • BMI- body mass index
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Proteins and diet/health supplements – paid
  • Changing room
  • Certified Fitness instructors
  • Best personal training –
  • Complementary refreshment – Green tea, Lemon tea, Black Coffee
  • Cardio vascular section – tread mill, recumbent bike, spin bike, cross trainer, power mill
  • Purified air- We have Honey well Air purifiers in gym to give you additional fresh air that your lungs need during a workout.

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