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Not All Exercises Need To Be Boring

Want to lose weight or need a change into your daily boring exercises, no matter what, trying out a new workout, machine or gym equipment is always fun. After following the same pattern of exercises over and over on a daily basis kind of seem literally boring and at such times we start bunking. Well, if you are one of them, it’s time to change your workout, not your decision about getting fit.

Exercising is vital for our physical well being, whether you find it boring or interesting, to need to do it if you want to be in shape. Whether you are focusing on abs workout or bodyweight workout, each exercise contributes towards strengthening your bones, muscles and reducing stress and depression in various ways. Reach Xercise Planet and get the Best Theraband Training In Delhi.

So no matter what is your excuse, remember quitting is never an option. Fed up with those tedious dumbbells or free weight, alternate your daily gym equipment with TheraBand and enjoy as you sweat.

All You Need is Some Dedication And A Resistance Band

Resistance bands aka TheraBands add resistance to your exercises which not only strengthens your muscles but also tone your overall body. Moreover, as the bands stretch, it subsequently creates increased tension in your muscles causing them to contract thus is really great for stretching up a hunched posture. If you are looking for some variety in your workout program, TheraBand is your answer.

While doing the work of weights for you, resistance bands exercises are multipurpose, adaptable, effective and exceptionally fun. There are various sorts of TheraBands exercises targeting various body parts and muscles specifically which includes Hip and knee resistance exercises, elbow, wrist, and Forearm resistance band exercises, shoulder workout, Lower limb exercises, upper limb band exercises, Ankle TheraBand exercises and many more.

The most important thing while doing the Theraband Workout Training is to do it under the care of experts. At Xercise Planet we have Best TheraBand Workout Trainers and optimal environment to motivate you throughout your journey of transformation.

Add TheraBand To Your Workout And Make It More Effective And Thrilling

Feel that extra burn in your muscles by adding TheraBand Resistance to your workout and ultimately boost your muscular endurance and strength. Below are some examples of workout to which you can add resistance and make it TheraBand workout.

Glute Bridge or Butt Bridge: Butt Bridges are a great exercise for lower body fitness and specifically targets glute muscles of your Buttocks. If you are bored from performing glute bridge then this is the right time to add TheraBand resistance to it. Adding Resistance band to the exercise will make it more effective and will do the work of free weight giving you much better results.

Well, by no chance you can be unknown with Front squat, but here we are talking about the TheraBand Front squat. Well, it totally same as those squat just more resistance and endurance. Performing Front squat with Resistance Band will kick start the calorie burn in your body and will benefit your lower body to a great extent.

Other TheraBand exercises include Clamshells, Lateral band walk, Lateral Straight raise, body jump, bird dog, calf raise, bicep curl, Russian squat and many more. Join the Best TheraBand Workout Classes In Dilshad Garden and see the transformation in a few weeks.


  • BCA facility- body composition analyses
  • Personal progress cards
  • Fast dry t-shirts (Planet x branded)
  • Personal diet plans
  • BMI- body mass index
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Proteins and diet/health supplements – paid
  • Changing room
  • Certified Fitness instructors
  • Best personal training –
  • Complementary refreshment – Green tea, Lemon tea, Black Coffee
  • Cardio vascular section – tread mill, recumbent bike, spin bike, cross trainer, power mill
  • Purified air- We have Honey well Air purifiers in gym to give you additional fresh air that your lungs need during a workout.

Reach Planet Xercise for more such details regarding Power Yoga Classes.


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