What Is Functional Training

The greatest investment is your health

Functional Training: A Little Step Towards Your Goal

Functional Training is the most common and the necessitated workout for any beginner and even for fitness professionals. Its main purpose is to improve the function of your body to perform daily tasks more smoothly and eventually making you more flexible in your daily life. The exercises performed during Functional Training Workouts predominantly targets core strength and weight-bearing movements. Some basic and common Full Body Functional Exercises for beginners includes lunges, burpees, squats, planks, push-ups, pull-ups and many more. Do you know Functional training can also help you recover from injury? Yes, it's true; these sorts of exercises help in healing and improve your health.

How functional training kick-starts the transformation in your body?

By targeting core muscles, abdomen and lower back, functional exercises tend to consume a lot of energy eventually activating your muscles and body for daily tasking. The major benefits of such exercises are that they strengthen your joint stability, improves body flexibility and ability to perform heavy tasks and even decrease the chances of getting injured while performing sports. Moreover, if you think that’s functional exercises are limited to physical benefits then you’ll be good to know that these exercises also help in boosting your brain’s memory. Below are some exercises which are vital in Functional Strength Training and would help you reach your fitness goal:


You must have heard about push-ups a lot and even tried doing it, in that case, you would be known to the fact that it targets your arms and core at the same time and is the most effective functional exercise for increasing your body strength. Apart from that it also improves body postures, reduces body fat and makes your heart healthier and stronger.


Planks are of various types and are a vital exercise in fitness programs including standard planks, planks with the ball, TRX planks, rocking plank and many more. It also helps in strengthening your core and reduces lower back issues. Just like push-ups it improves your posture and makes you more flexible.


There are different types of lunges one can perform, from beginner lever standard lunges to weight lifting reverse and lateral lunge. It mainly benefits your mobility, increases your core stability and flexibility in the hip flexors and shapes several muscles including gluteus maximus and quadriceps.

Join the Best Functional Training Class in Dilshad Garden and observe difference on your body in a month.


  • BCA facility- body composition analyses
  • Personal progress cards
  • Fast dry t-shirts (Planet x branded)
  • Personal diet plans
  • BMI- body mass index
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Proteins and diet/health supplements – paid
  • Changing room
  • Certified Fitness instructors
  • Best personal training –
  • Complementary refreshment – Green tea, Lemon tea, Black Coffee
  • Cardio vascular section – tread mill, recumbent bike, spin bike, cross trainer, power mill
  • Purified air- We have Honey well Air purifiers in gym to give you additional fresh air that your lungs need during a workout.

Join Planet Xercise To Reach Your Fitness Goal

Planet Xercise is the Best Functional Training Gym available in the area having Certified Fitness Instructors which will help you reach your goal in minimum time. Being one of the most recommended and greatest gyms in Dilshad Garden, here we inspire our trainees to achieve their goal with maximum results. Walk through our gym today, take the free one day trial and get your Body Composition Analyses done without any extra cost. Apart from having the best fitness Instructors, we are also superior in providing the best facilities. Get going and visit our Gym now to see the ultimate transformation of your body.

Luxurious Facilities offered by Planet Xercise Gym

Get a comfy feel in the luxurious and spacious surrounding of Planet Xercise. Aft er you’ll enroll for our fitness program, following Personal diet plans you’ll be handover a personal progress card to mark your fitness progress on daily basis. Interested residents from Jhilmil, Tahirpur, New Seemapuri, Dilshad Colony, Dilshad Garden, Vivek Vihar, Rajdhani Enclave, Swasthya Vihar, Karkardooma, Shalimar Garden, DLF colony and GTB Hospital can enroll anytime for our fitness program and get a free one day trial and BCA (Body Composition Analysis) done right away. We have honey well Air purifiers in our gym to provide you the best quality fresh air that your lungs require during a workout. We also provide BCA facility to keep the track on your body composition to get the insight of your workout results. If you are up to an important event and need to get fit as soon as possible, you can also enroll in our Personal Training Programs for optimum results.


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The greatest investment is your health

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